Baked Eggs (DF)
Eggs, beef chorizo, baked beans, capsicum, chilli, Napoli sauce, onion, fresh coriander served with sourdough
56 AED
Aussie Toast
Aussie vegemite, cheddar, smashed avo on rustic brown rye
35 AED
Smashed Avo
Herb labneh, smashed avo, soft poached eggs on rustic brown rye with sauteed green peas, mixed nuts & nori powder 
(N), (V)
48 AED
Norwegian Smoked Salmon Benny
Beetroot puree, basil pesto, feta cheese, soft poached eggs, beetroot hollandaise on rustic sourdough with slow roasted cherry tomato & shiso
58 AED
Ultra Vegan Brekkie
Scrambled tofu with cherry vine tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, crispy kale & rice cracker 
48 AED
Ultra Breakfast
Grilled asparagus, mixed seeds, slow roasted cherry vine tomato, sliced avo, rustic brown rye served with eggs your way
45 AED
Fluffy Pancakes
Mixed berries, caramelized banana, organic maple syrup with vanilla ice cream
46 AED
Open Face Omelette
Egg white or whole eggs, parsley, cilantro, mint leaves, cherry tomato, mushroom topped with a fresh mixed leaf & feta salad served with brown rye & basil pesto
(N), (V)
46 AED
Bananas for Eggs
Sunny side up eggs, banana bread, turkey bacon with sauteed spinach & good for you seeds
52 AED
Eggs Your Way
Fried, poached or scrambled eggs served on rustic sourdough with choice of herbed labneh, dukkah spiced butter or fresh basil pesto
(N), (V)
38 AED
Banana, cinnamon, wild honey & chia seeds
38 AED
Ultra Pep
Soft poached eggs, paratha, avocado, smoked veal bacon, cilantro, jalapeno, halloumi & flax seeds with grilled lime
56 AED
Plant Based
Smashed Avo & Nuts
Smashed avocado, mixed nuts, good for you seeds, sauteed green peas & mushroom on toasted brown rye
(N), (V)
54 AED
Vegan Buddha Bowl
Grilled tofu, baby spinach, spiced chick peas, cherry tomatoes, avocado, baby red radish, flax seeds & shredded zucchini with beetroot hummus 
58 AED
Greens & Grains
Grains, baby spinach, broccoli, green beans, edamame, avocado & green apple with pesto dressing 
58 AED
Chilli Garlic Tofu
Garlic chilli grilled tofu, sesame seeds, steamed broccolini, good for you seeds with shredded dried seaweed 
64 AED
Steak & Fries
180g Tenderloin medallions, chimichurri, garden salad, hand cut truffle fries topped with parmesan cheese 
99 AED
Pan Seared Sea Bream
Crushed baby potatoes, steamed broccolini with zesty gremolata 
82 AED
Teriyaki Salmon
Sauteed bok choy, edamame & slow roasted cherry tomatoes
88 AED
Panko Chicken Poke Bowl
Panko breaded chicken on sticky rice with japanese mirin sauce, baby leaf salad, cherry tomato & herb tartare
68 AED
Cajun Spiced Chicken & Quinoa
Grilled chicken breast with organic quinoa, lentil, peppers, rocket & tomato salad 
74 AED
Thai Red Prawn Curry
Sauteed prawn, young baby corn, button mushroom, capsicum, cilantro with steamed rice
88 AED
Pesto Chicken Linguine
Pesto chicken linguini with cherry tomato, asparagus & shaved parmesan cheese
60 AED
Chicken Schnitzel
Crumbed chicken breast, truffle mashed potatoes, green peas, grilled lemon with creamy mushroom sauce
72 AED
Aussie Angus Beef
180g Australian beef patty with mixed leaves, tomato, mature cheddar cheese, avocado salsa, crispy fried onion & herbed aioli
74 AED
Tempura Fried Chicken
Togarashi spiced chicken breast with mixed leaves, asian slaw & chipotle mayo
68 AED
Ultra's Own Beyond Burger
The revolutionary plant-based vegan patty with fresh tomato, basil pesto, oakleaf, alfalfa & beetroot ketchup 
62 AED
Chicken Escalope
Crumbed chicken breast, baby spinach, tomato, avocado & tomato chutney
68 AED
Sumac Spiced Chicken
Sumac chicken, roasted eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, herbed baby potatoes with zaatar labneh
78 AED
Bread & Dip
Selection of breads with beetroot hummus 
28 AED
Fattoush Salad
Mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, parsley, mint leaves, spring onion, baby red radish, sumac spice, crispy tortilla, pomegranate seeds, purslane, fresh zaatar, pomegranate molasses & lemon vinaigrette
44 AED
Organic Quinoa & Prawn Salad
Avocado, baby spinach, mango & cherry tomato with lemon vinaigrette
64 AED
Rare Tenderloin Bowl
Baby leaf, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, pickled red onion, Avo, pumpkin seeds with cilantro lime & yoghurt dressing 
62 AED
Buddha Bowl
Grilled halloumi, edamame, honey roasted pumpkin, blanched kale, red cabbage & cauliflower with turmeric yoghurt dressing
58 AED
Ahi Tuna & Mango
Seaweed, baby leaf, avo, sesame seeds, sesame oil with wasabi ponzu dressing
58 AED
Pumpkin & Goats Cheese
Roasted pumpkin, goats cheese, beetroot , walnuts, caramelized onion, baby mixed leaves with extra virgin olive oil
54 AED
Orange Chicken
Grilled chicken breast, orange slices, soba noodles, baby mixed leaves, fresh peppers, spring onion & sesame seeds with an orange vinaigrette
58 AED
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